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Brookdale Vennikkulam

Brookdale Vennikkulam is built on a simple principle. “Hassle-free, quality, memorable experiences are more valuable for your family during the Holidays in your homeland.”

Situated on the Vennikulam-Tiruvalla main road, amidst refreshing greenery, Brookdale Vennikulam is your perfect holiday home. You are assured of your holidays in your homeland, with the freedom, comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.

Fractional Ownership- For the first time in Kerala


Fractional Ownership is a community property concept regulated in such a way that all co owners have access and use of the property in a fair and equal manner. Fractional or Split Ownership is quite popular in the West, as people ‘co-own’ luxury villas, yachts, private jets, etc. Brookdale offers this concept into a reality, in Kerala.


Own your well-appointed star category residential unit at Brookdale Vennikkulam, by the side of a small brook. The ground plus 2 building has 4 residential units. Each 3BHK unit furnished with world-class luxury amenities. Fittings of International standard.

Fractional Ownership Is Not The Same As Time-share!

Don’t be fooled. Fractional ownership is not some tricky way of saying "time-share". While the two methods of property investment share some similarities, this table outlines the key ways in which they differ.
(Please note that these facts apply to fractional ownership in general. Fractional ownership model has a number of added benefits as outlined)

Fractional Ownership
Time Share
You are buying an actual deed to a residence, with the same rights as any other real estate.
You are simply buying rights to limited occupancy in a given residence.
You own a portion of real estate which is an asset that can be transacted at any time.
All you own is "time".
Normally exclusive, excellent services and quality luxury features: tend to cost much more than time-shares.
Varies from budget properties, to mid range with few in luxury category: often in cookie-cutter-type complexes.
Typically very large, with plenty of space to entertain family, friends or clients.
Range of sizes - in 200 sqft to 600 sqft category.
Usually purchased for at least 4 weeks per year.
Usually used by each purchaser for only 1-weeks per year.
Weeks need not be consecutive.
Weeks are typically consecutive.
Possibility to recoup unused weeks on rental market.
Unused weeks typically cannot be rented out.
Since these properties appreciate over time, resale values could be attractive.
Resale values tend to be poor: over-crowded resale market.
Mostly like-minded individual able to afford this type of assets.
Buyers put to get that random.
Today’s fastest growing segment of the real estate market.
Consumer interest in the timeshare model is in decline.
A proven model started in India from 2005.
Industry historically plagued by scams and hard-sell tactics.

What Exactly Is Fractional Ownership?

Fractional owners buy a deeded share in a given residence. This share entitles the owner to a certain number of weeks per year and use of all amenities. In this way, the investor is able to enjoy all the benefits of a first-class, fully-furnished, luxury condo for a mere fraction of its total overall value. Brookdale Vennikulam fractional deeds typically for 4 weeks, Note that fractional ownership is NOT the same as time-share.

If You Can Afford Your Own Vacation Home, Why Opt For Fractional Ownership?

Service, service and more service. Who wants to spend leisure time stocking pantries, weeding gardens, and changing light bulbs? When a home is totally yours, all the worries are totally yours. With BROOKDALE VENNIKULAM’s fractional ownership model, everything related to the operations of a property—cleaning, ongoing maintenance, payment of utilities and taxes, reservation and concierge services, and much more—are supported. Sure, you could outsource many of these tasks if you were the sole owner of your own vacation home, but you’d still have the worry of managing and paying for it all. And in kerala you’d have the added hassle of dealing with all the management details in the local language, while working around the local thinking. Instead, our fractional ownership model makes completely hassle-free downtime possible for you and your family. Think of it this way: fractional ownership allows you to enjoy the same amount of time you would typically spend in your vacation home, while relieving you of the investment, cost, and burden of the excess time you don’t need.

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  • The property is managed by a professional company structured on a well-defined rules, regulation and by-laws.
  • Each unit is divided into thirteen equivalent parts, equivalent to a pro indiviso portion or co-ownership share equivalent to 7.69% of the property rights.
  • For each pro indiviso share of Trust rights, a co-owner has the right to reserve and take advantage of 28 days.
  • The pro indiviso or co-ownership share can be sold at any time, giving other co-owners first right to purchase.