First time in Kerala- Fractional Ownership Apartment

Unique opportunity to own your perfect vacation home in your homeland.

About Us

Brookdale Vennikkulam is built on a simple principle. “Hassle-free, quality, memorable experiences are more valuable for your family during the Holidays in your homeland.”

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Fractional Ownership- For the first time in Kerala

Fractional Ownership is a community property concept regulated in such a way that all co owners have access and use of the property in a fair and equal manner.

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Rights And Privileges

  • You will have a title deed registered on your name for 7.69% of the unit right.
  • For each pro indiviso share of Trust rights, a co-owner has the right to reserve and take advantage of 28 days.
  • The pro indiviso or co-ownership share can be sold at any time, giving other co-owners first right to purchase.
  • “Will” the ownership to your legal heirs or to those you like.
  • Provision for renting out your share and earn the additional income.
  • The property is managed by a professional company structured on a well-defined rules, regulations and by-laws.
  • Upon booking you will be provided an MOU to sign for the smooth operation of Brookdale Vennikulam


This is an effortless way to enjoy the pleasures of staying at your homeland in a star category home during your vacation as well as participate in any property appreciation through fractional ownership program.

Abraham Eapen

Toronto, Canada,

+1 647 504 5902

Worth the purchase of fractional ownership as a vacation home. Its an investment for my next generation after my period. In future my successors will be connected and understand the cultural values of their ancestors where they hailed from

Jacob Thomas(Lybi)

Canberra, Australia

+61 422 209 980